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My name is Kawiria Creed, and I am a teenage writer!

I'm proud to say so, not because I think I'm better than the rest of the world, but because I've worked hard to make my dreams a reality. I have, and still am, shed blood and tears to earn the rights to say so.

I've been reading and writing stories since I was seven years old, admiring all those adult writers (once I got old enough to understand what they were writing) and what they've accomplished through written storytelling. But the idea of being a writer myself never really crossed my mind!
That is, until one day when I was eight years old, and in the library. I stumbled on a book that said on its front cover that the author hadn't been that much older than me! That's when my eyes were opened, and the unspoken, unwritten myth of having to be an adult to write a book was exposed.
From then on, I started working towards my future writing career--well, kind of without realizing it. Instead of writing my little stories and poems on scraps of paper for me to read later, I bought notebooks. Each notebook would have one full story, with real characters and plot and even chapters. My handwriting may have still been messy, but I started sharing my stories with family and friends.
I started paying attention in English class, and reading. Reading a LOT. It wasn't long before some of the books I was reading were meant for an older audience, and others started noticing that my stories were not the usual jabber you would get from a kid my age.

Not to brag or anything--just--er, um...well, stating the facts.
Moving on.

I'm going to skip ahead to when I was ten years old, and the GREAT BIG EARTHSHAKING idea finally struck me in the head.

"Hey Dad?"

"Yes sweetheart?"

"How are books put in stores, anyways?"

"That's a good question! Well, how it works is the person who wrote the book asks a publishing company to do it. And if the publishing company likes the writer's book, then the writer can pay them money to put his book in the stores."

"Wow. That's cool."

"So....why do you ask?"

"Um..I think I'm gonna do that."

Dad told me later that when I said this, he hadn't been too surprised, just doubtful that I would follow through on it.

"That's great! It's good that you have your career in mind. It's just good you know that being a writer can be really hard, because it takes a long time to come up with a story, and develop all your--"

"I already know what I'm gonna write. I'm starting now."

"But aren't you going to--"


.....And so, that was how my first-ever actual meant-to-be-published novel was born into this world.
In case you're curious about how I got the idea for my book, the inspiration came from different sources, and kind of linked together over time. It was beautiful scenery, it was a song I listened to while doing my summer school math homework (FUN FACT: average score was and still is 47%), it was running barefoot in a field....all that shaped my wonderful story together.
And maybe only other writers will understand this, but--
This book is my BABY.

If you're interested in learning more about my book, stay tuned!

Also coming soon are tips and tricks that worked for me.

Thanks for reading!

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